About us

We at 24 Hours into 7 are pioneers in the field of printing, publishing transport directories for various cities in India since last 23 years.

The experience we have achieved by personally interacting with individual transporters,vehicle owners,commission agents,service providers,petrol pump owners to asses the difficulties and hazards enroute has inspired us all to develop a unique project "Exclusive 100 plus" and "Safar ka Sathi".This project was commissioned in the month of March 2014 and it has consumed nearly 24 months to take shape for proper and careful implementation for the benefit of transporters,commission agents,individual vehicle owners,very selected petrol pumps and selected service providers on National Highway 2,2b,5,5A,6,24,31,33.53,55,60 and few state Highways in the states of West Bengal,Orissa,Jharkhand,Bihar, Uttar Pradesh,Chattishgarh,Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu,Delhi,Uttrakhand,Haryana,Gujrat,Rajasthan and Punjab.

This project shall enable users to freely use our services for the months and years to come.Our Mobile App "Safar ka Saathi" is to be shortly launched via google play store.

Our Mission

We have a transporters base in the states mentioned above.Our prime target is to immediately inform all members to understand the benefits the project "Exclusive 100 plus" and Safar ka saathi".They shall reap benefits from this user friendly project.

Secondly,we are going to organize regular seminars in various cities(Transport hubs) from time to time starting October 2015.Our Promotional Campaign for awareness shall also be launched on various highways very soon.

The services of Exclusive 100 plus and Safar Ka Saathi is purely for vehicle owners,drivers,service providers enroute and very selected petrol pumps.